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Well, I’m Jessica. I'm a philosopher by degree, but artist and poet by heart. I'm passionate about nature, which influences my art greatly, even if it is mostly surreal and fantasy. I grew up in the Midwest and love what it has to offer in way of natural beauty. Hiking and wandering the land is a way that I get inspired to draw. I also let my mind wander and whatever it creates I put to paper. I'm a quiet person and very thoughtful so I think about what I do in art and how others take it. I want the viewer to enjoy it as much as I do in creating it. Being quiet and shy is a hardship for an artist though. It makes for putting your art out there rough. I have a wonderful family who pushed me to get my art out and to not be afraid of what others say.

I never know what to think or write about my art. It is merely my art, my imagination of my mind and conscious burned/drawn/inked upon the paper, wood. I’ve worked in many mediums in art, yet it is in burning,ink, colored pencil and charcoal that I find I cannot leave. It is just fascinating to watch an image materialize upon paper or wood as you apply heat. There is also the finite feeling that you cannot fix what is done. What is burned is now forever. It makes the work fragile as the paper is now weaker. Working in charcoal and ink is careful work, for in ink you cannot make a mistake and charcoal is often delicate and quick to ruin. I guess it is these qualities I love, they require love and gentleness.

Jessica Stepp

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