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I am the creator of whimsical and colorfully chaotic fine art to adorn your space, reflecting your unique taste and aesthetic. The presence representing the merging of the natural and unnatural. I'm a philosopher, artist and poet. My passion is to bring to life a combination of what I see outside and what I find in my mind. Iowa is a wonderful place to be inspired to create art. Hiking gave me the opportunity to recharge and find things in nature that I eventually went home and drew. A lot of my focus is on the natural world, so my art evokes that whimsical world beneath our feet. You will find mushrooms tangled among the undergrowth and grasses spiraling skyward. Mushrooms are unique to me; in that they devour death and create life from it. They sprout up randomly and wither away almost as if they never were. I let my mind run wild in creating mushrooms in a surreal way that I think is quite out of this world. I also create pieces that delve into a world of abstract and surreal images bursting with color. It is a huge juxtaposition to my pyrography and darker toned art. I have tiny ink drawings that I blow up and color to add pop and texture. They are a strange occurrence for me as I am a little warier of color. I always choose odd color combinations, so I hesitated adding color to them, but I dove into it. I feel it is like the other half of my art “coin” Other tidbits about me. I have a degree in Philosophy, where I learned of my love for Ethics and eventually became vegan because of it. I also acquired a postgraduate degree in Celtic Studies, from the University of Wales, which was a wonderful experience to learn more in depth my ancestors’ culture and history. I’ve always been keen to learn about cultures and the art of various places. The things I learn and see have a way of making their way to paper one way or another. I'm a quiet and introverted person, so it takes a lot to come out of my shell. I live in my mind and observe my world as if on the sidelines. It lends to me the chance to see the many ways we view our world. I’m also an avid reader, my favorite book being “The Once and Future King” by T.H White. It has wonderful allegories that led me to pursue Philosophy and how to live a good life. It also has a wizard named Merlin, so what’s not to love. I have a penchant for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “Sherlock Holmes” novels, as I immensely enjoy murder mysteries, along with shows all about them. Well that's enough about me. Take a look around and enjoy the Whimsy and Colorful Chaos!

Jessica Stepp

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